Sunday, July 13, 2008

Student Claims 1981 Rabbit Gets 50 Miles Per Gallon From Frying Oil

We've been told over and over again its not healthy to cook with old grease. However, as fuel prices continue to climb, drivers everywhere are looking for alternatives to avoid paying the high prices at the pump. A Georgia Tech engineering student, Mark Zoller, has found a new way to fuel his 1981 diesel Volkswagen for free, using old cooking grease. It may not be healthy for cooking, but the grease fuels Zoller's vehicle. To view his ride in action, click here. Like Zoller, what are you doing to save at the pump? By the way, if you're looking for 5 tips to maximize your mpg (miles-per-gallon), pick up my latest article in July's Black Enterprise Magazine, which is available on newsstands everywhere. The tips I have provided aren't the typical ones that you may be familiar with.

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Denisewmrj said...

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