Tuesday, November 22, 2022

JeffCars.com's Holiday Road Trip Prep List

Many Americans are hitting the road this holiday season., especially since Covid has seemingly subsided and airfare prices are up 40 percent, when compared to last year.

Before hitting the road, we recommend the following:

Have you had your vehicle serviced? Did you check your tire pressure, add windshield wiper fluid and/or change your wiper blades? Do you have a working spare or a tire repair kit?

Is your insurance premium updated? Keep a copy of your insurance card and registration papers with you.

What about a first aid kit, in case you're injured?

Carry a second set of keys in case you're in an older vehicle and don't have access to the latest digital technology that can easily lock and/or unlock your car doors. If you're not traveling solo, have the other party to keep a set of keys on their person.

Make sure you have the necessary chargers for smartphone and other mobile devices in case you're not in a newer vehicle which has built-in charging systems.

Do you have a blanket handy just in case you encounter an extended backup or severe winter weather which could impede traveling?

If you're driving an electric vehicle, have you mapped out the nearest charging outlets along your route? Also do you have an in-vehicle cable in case you're unable to find a public charging outlet?

Have you mapped out your trip to avoid high traffic times to be on the road?

If you're in one of the newer vehicles, its a great time to learn how to use some of the latest safety driving aids such as the co-pilot assist system, a radar activated cruise control system and lane keep assist system. All of these systems are designed to reduce accidents and reduce driver fatigue. Remember the driver still needs to be engaged in the driving experience.

Have you activated your roadside or an in-vehicle concierge service, if your vehicle is so equipped, just in case you experience a flat tire or other mechanical issue?

Keep some healthy snacks on hand, this includes a few gallons of water. Its more economical than what you would pay at a convenience store or a fast food restaurant.

Lastly, activate SiriusXM in your vehicle and/or mobile device? In fact, SiriusXM is offering a free trial thru December 5. You can also tune in to Auto Trends with JeffCars.com, which airs on SirusXM 141 three times a week. Its a great way to keep up with the ins and outs of the industry, while having us entertain, educate and inform you. To find our programming schedule, click here.

Visit SiriusXM.com for more details for the free subsription.

Buckle up and drive safely.

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