Thursday, February 1, 2018

June's Radio Guests And Conversations

June's Radio Guests And Conversations

1  Wallet Hub & JD Power Most Dependable Used Vehicles
Synopsis: Discusses best financing options, the pros and cons of leasing as well as a detail discussion of the best used cars on the market
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8  Jean Jennings –Automotive Magazine
Synopsis: The first woman to lead an all-male automotive enthusiasts magazine details her unconventional journey.
*Empower **Inspire ***Inform

15  Center For Responsible Lending
Synopsis: Shares how to avoid predatory lending practices.
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22  Andre Hudson – Icona Design (Show One)
Synopsis: Hyundai's first black car designer, whose one car design had a huge impact on the brand jumping into the luxury segment, talks about about his new 'dream' job, where he is no longer designing vehicles for the American market
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29  Andre Hudson – Icona Design (Show Two)

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