Thursday, October 27, 2022

Acura's Jonathon Rivers Talks To 'Auto Trends' About How The Brand Has Found Its Lane Again


Acura's portfolio of vehicles (Photo Credit:

Jonathon Rivers joins Auto Trends with, a syndicated multicultural automotive program, giving us a behind the scenes look at how the Acura brand had to find its way again, determining if it's a luxury brand or something else. Rivers, who is bilingual, gives us an inside peek as to the process the Japanese brand makes in terms of pricing, competitive research and the like when the company executives determine what vehicles are included in Acura's portfolio. 

Moreover, with the brand's recent revival of the gasoline-powered Integra nameplate, he also answers if the popular Legend will resurface. And while many car companies have embraced electrification, Acura has yet to drive down that road. The brand specialist will let us know what's on the horizon.

Acura's Jonathon Rivers (l) with radio host Jeff Fortson (r) next to the brand's halo vehicle, the NSX.

Rivers, a Michigan native, also shares how his dual degree led him to take a non-traditional career path, before landing at American Honda Motor Company. This is a great show for both teens and college age students who are thinking about spending time abroad.

This week's show airs Saturday, October 29 thru Thursday, November 3. The program will air on SiriusXM and several FM radio outlets. For more details, click here

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