Thursday, January 13, 2022

'Auto Trends' Talks To ALG Who Determines A Vehicle's Worth On The Used Car Market In 3 Years

Eric Lyman, the vice president of ALG, which was formerly known as Automotive Lease Guide, joins Auto Trends with for the first time. ALG, which is literally the benchmark in terms of setting residual values for the industry, is a division of J.D. Power. 

With so much mystery behind the world of residuals, Lyman will be teaching a master class on how his company establishes for automakers, dealers and rental car companies what their vehicles will be worth in 3 years, when it's resold on the used car market. 

Moreover, he'll discuss how ALG selected the 2022 model year vehicles that are expected to be worth more than its competitors, when they are resold 3 years from now. Also from a leasing standpoint, a vehicle with a high residual value equates to a lower monthly payment.

The informative program will air Saturday, January 15 thru Thursday, January 20. To check air times and dates, click here

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