Friday, May 7, 2021

Automotive Historian Keith Crain Talks To 'Auto Trends' In A Wide-Ranging Two-Part Conversation


In an exclusive two-part radio conversation, Auto Trends with goes one-on-one talking to automotive historian Keith Crain.


Crain, who is the editor-in-chief of Automotive News, and is typically in the driver’s seat, as it relates to covering every nook and cranny of the industry, allows Auto Trends with to switch seats with him. Crain’s magazine, Automotive News, is known as the Bible of the automotive industry. His magazine is to the auto industry what Billboard Magazine is to the music industry.


In a wide-ranging conversation, Crain talks about how his publication was the first to break the story about Henry Ford firing Lee Iacocca to sharing his candid thoughts about electric cars and where the industry is headed. Moreover, the automotive historian touches on race, gender and politics, as it relates to the auto industry.


To tune in to the insightful and revealing two-part conversation, click here.

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