Friday, January 5, 2024

'Auto Trends' Goes Behind The Scenes Talking To The Host And EP Of The Program

It's been eight years since Auto Trends with landed on the airwaves. For the first time, Jeff Fortson, the host and executive producer of the only syndicated multicultural automotive program in North America, allows the listeners to go behind the scenes, learning more about him and his program. 

During the insightful conversation, Fortson opens up talking about the role his parents played during his formative years in supporting his addiction to cars to that life changing career moment working in the service drive at a dealership mopping up oily floors to the driving factors behind launching the program.

James Washburn, who has an automotive background has made several appearances on the program, serves as the guest host of this week's program.

So, for those yearning to know more about the host and/or how to carve out one's lane, as we embark on a new year, tune in. 

To Tune In On SiriusXM And Other Radio Outlets

The conversation airs Saturday, January 6 thru Thursday, January 11. To hear the program on SiriusXM and other radio outlets, click here 


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