Friday, October 27, 2023

Auto Analyst Kevin Tynan Talks To 'Auto Trends' About The Current State Of The Car-Buying Market

Kevin Tynan is a senior auto analyst at Bloomberg Intelligence. (Photo Credit: BI)

This week on Auto Trends with, a multicultural syndicated automotive program, we delve into both the new and used car buying markets, sharing what consumers should anticipate paying.

Kevin Tynan, a Bloomberg Intelligence senior auto analyst and a regular contributor to the program, examines everything from new vehicle leasing and its impact on the future of used car pricing to the vehicle segment consumers can expect healthy discounts, after the average transaction price (ATP) maxed out at $67,000 in 2022.

Tynan will also briefly share his perspective on the UAW strike. 

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The conversation airs Saturday, October 28 thru Thursday, November 2. To hear the program on SiriusXM and other radio outlets, click here 


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