Monday, July 24, 2023

'Auto Trends' Will Kick Off Our 8th Year With New Theme Music Selected By Grammy Nominated Gerald Albright


Eight years ago today, Auto Trends with hit the airwaves in Atlanta, before expanding into other markets and joining SiriusXM. It's been a ride and a journey. We've had a chance to connect with some of the most influential voices of our time, highlighting their stories. And we feel honored that our guests have trusted us throughout the years to share their stories. As listeners know, we are more than just a car show. 

In preparations for the kickoff of our new season in September, we're changing our theme music. Grammy nominated jazz saxophonist Gerald Albright personally selected our new theme song, Better Day Ahead. When the song debuted in 2021, it was number one on the Billboard jazz chart for four weeks. Albright, one of our favorite saxophonists, created the song at the height of the pandemic, when there was so much uncertainty. Being that our high-energy program centers around empowerment, education and inspiration, Albright's song is so appropriate. 

With that said, we look forward to launching the new season with a topic that's near and dear to us - prostate cancer awareness. We'll go one-on-one with a former young professional athlete who has found his lane, elevating this silent disease on a national level using grassroot tactics. 

Then, we'll switch gears the following week, talking about our favorite subject -- cars. In fact, one of the top car designers in the world, who's leading the American design studios for an international company, will be joining us for his first one-on-one conversation. The creative talent has been designing cars for over four decades, working for one company.

Until we connect again, check out our new theme song. Its great driving music too.


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Anonymous said...

Innovative Jazzy and Groovy theme music stylings , just like the host , Jeff F. !

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