Wednesday, September 21, 2022

'Auto Trends' Kicks Off 7th Season Talking Black Men And Prostate Cancer

To kick off Auto Trends with, a syndicated multicultural automotive program, seventh season on the air, we're switching gears this week from focusing on cars to directing our attention to a disease that affects Black men disproportionately - prostate cancer.

According to the latest data, 1 in 6 Black men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer, during their lifetime, as compared to 1 in 8 White men. More importantly, this high risk population is twice as likely to die from the disease, as opposed to other groups.

James Washburn (l), a prostate cancer survivor, and Dr. Reggie Tucker-Seeley (r), a national prostate cancer advocate, talk to Auto Trends with

Joining us this week Dr. Reggie Tucker-Seeley, vice president of health and equity, and James Washburn, a young prostate cancer survivor and advocate, talk about the disease. 

Tucker-Seeley, who has been in this newly created role since September 2021, has been charged to serve as the national advocate for Black men, as it relates to prostate cancer and men's health. During the conversation, he'll discuss his role and plans with addressing Black men's health, using prostate cancer education, as one of the drivers, no pun intended.

And to close out the show, James Washburn, who was both diagnosed and cured of the disease all before the age of 45, speaks publicly for the first time about his journey and how he never expected to find himself in unfamiliar territory - tackling cancer.

Ironically, the average age for diagnosis with this disease is around 66 years old. While Washburn, who has yet to turn 50, doesn't fit the typical profile in terms of age, during the course of the conversation, the young prostate cancer survivor realizes he was a prime candidate for the disease, after being asked a probing question.

Recommended Screening Ages

Its recommended that Black men begin the screening process to check their PSA, at the age of 40. Being that this is a silent disease, there may or may not be symptoms. Some of the common symptoms can range from frequent urination to blood in one's urine. 

For those seeking free screenings in their area, perform a Google search.

What's Driving The Disease
While scientists are still trying to determine what drives the disease, so far they believe that genetics (e.g. family history), environmental factors and lifestyle (e.g. diet and exercise) could be some of the key drivers.

How To Tune In
This week's show, which is sponsored by, will air from Saturday, September 24 thru Thursday, September 29. To access air dates and schedules on SiriusXM and our radio affiliates, click here.

Our normal automotive programming resumes next week. 

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