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The Black Woman Behind One Of The Most Successful Deodorant Taglines Talk To 'Auto Trends' (Two-Part Show)


Auto Trends with goes one-on-one with the woman who was responsible for one of most successful deodorant ad campaigns from the seventies that still resonates today. Arguably some would claim its one of the most famous advertising taglines of all time. It ranks in the same league, as Nike’s "Just do it” or Wendy's "Where's the beef?" taglines.

As those in the advertising world realizes, a great tagline can drive culture. It can cause one to dream. It can motivate one to move mountains. It can even lead one to be a part of change, joining a movement. Williams’ creative gifts has led her to embody the aforementioned attributes, with every campaign she touches.

Carol H. Williams Advertising created this Allstate campaign

Carol H. Williams, who has been a trailblazer in the advertising world, since the seventies, got her start at Leo Burnett, a mainstream ad agency, before branching out on her own. In fact, she was the third Black woman to start an ad agency and the second to do so solo. According to Carol H. Williams Advertising website, it is the longest-running independent multicultural shop in the country. And throughout the years, her company has been repeatedly ranked as one of the top Black agencies by Black Enterprise magazine.


In a lively, two-part, wide-ranging conversation, Williams takes us on a walk-through history, talking about that moment, during her formative years, when she wanted to be wedded to the advertising industry to discussing her connection to Barbara Proctor, the first Black woman, who independently opened an ad shop, to sharing how she navigated both race and gender, while working at what she termed as 'The Harvard' of ad firms.


Moreover, she chats in detail about her famous billion-dollar ad slogan and the life lesson gleaned from her mom, after receiving her first $1 million dollar check, which still today has aided in keeping her ego in check. In fact, that first check came from servicing one of her automotive clients. Even more important than her firm's first breath-taking check, the goal of every ad shop has been to secure a coveted automotive client. Carol H. Williams Advertising has succeeded the odds, being fortunate enough to have represented two, at various times.

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Carol H. Williams signature deodorant tagline that made billions for Proctor & Gamble

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