Monday, August 9, 2010

Garage Preview: Second-Generation Scion tC Get's a Sportier Makeover

With the Scion brand being apart of the Toyota family, the Asian-based automaker is hoping to rev up sales with its BMW 3-series fighter. Ok, its not really going against BMW. However, Scion is hoping to attract those who can't quite afford a Bimmer, but wants a sporty coupe. According to Toyota officials, the sleek front grille and projector headlamps of the second-generation 2011 Scion tC are complemented by protruding fender flares, which amplify its wider, lower stance. The muscular exterior design now rests on 18-inch wheels.
The tC comes standard with a Pioneer AM/FM/CD head unit with USB iPod® connectivity. The 160-watt Pioneer head unit powers the tweeters, mid-range and full-range speakers, while a separate 140-watt, two-channel amplifier is designed to drive power to the 6x9-inch door-mounted woofers.  A high-end audio system and a nav system is available in the tC for 2011.

The new 2.4-liter engine produces 180-horsepower, 19 more than the previous model, and 11 additional lbs.-ft of torque.The sportier coupe is expected to have improved fuel-economy, when it arrives in October for a base price of  $18,995. 


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The sporty creation from Toyota is one great achievement. Thanks to Toyota for its new models.

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