Monday, June 28, 2010

Six Must-Ask Questions Before Selecting a Repair Shop

How many of you enjoy getting your vehicle serviced? Ok,  I thought that's how you would answer. Since most vehicles are so highly-technical, there isn't much most of can do today beyond a basic oil change or a tire change. To help steer you in the right direction, we've put together several questions to consider, when choosing the right shop for you and your vehicle.

1) Is the vehicle under the factory (manufacturer) warranty?

a ) If the answer is yes, it is strongly recommended you return to the dealer for the repair. If its a recall, it should be taken to the dealer, since the work will be performed for free.
b) Most new-car dealers are just as competitive with pricing as independent shops or service chains.

2) Reputation

a) What are friends and family saying?
b) Do you have referrals?  
c) Have they received any service repair awards?
d) If it is a new-car dealer that is servicing your vehicle, ask about their customer satisfaction scores.

3) Mechanics Qualifications

a) What type of training has the mechanic had? A highly skilled technician is required for most of today's advanced vehicles? 
b) Is the mechanic ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) Certified? This is the gold standard for the industry.
c) Are the technicians skilled to work on your vehicle?

4) Appearance of Service Repair Area

a) Is it clean?
b) Does it appear organized? 
c) Is it kid-friendly?
d) Is free Wi-Fi service offered?

5) Customer Service

a) Are you greeted immediately?
b) Are you feeling valued as a customer?
c) Does the shop listen to your concerns? 

d) Does the shop work by appointment? 
e) Is shuttle service available?
f) Is a free loaner vehicle available?
g) Are you able to effectively communicate with the service department?

6) Before having any work performed, shop around for estimates. Ask about specials? Check the website for service specials and/or discounts. Inquire to see if they match prices, too. Some businesses even offer discounts, if you take a photo and post it on your social media outlets.


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