Thursday, January 7, 2010

4 Effective Steps to Resolve an Automotive Service Dispute

While most car owners look forward to driving a new (or pre-owned) vehicle, many dread when they have to take it in for service, especially when they're having continuous problems with the service department in resolving their issue. 

From our years of working personally with customer issues, we found the best means to approach dicey customer service situations with one's vehicle are to follow the steps listed below. By following the appropriate chain of command, one should be able to resolve or address and resolve their concern. 

Be mindful one should always maintain the appropriate decorum. As the old saying goes, "you'll catch more flies with honey than with vinegar." Shouting and name calling only aggravates the situation. These simple steps should keep consumers in the driver's seat.

1) Keep all service records. 

2) Document all conversations with the appropriate information.

a) Date of contact
b) Time of contact
c) Contact person and title
d) Summary of conversation

3) The chain of command to resolve concerns:

a) Arrange a meeting with the service advisor.
b) Speak with the service manager.
c) Connect with the store manager, general manager or dealer principal, who owns the dealership to address your concern.
d) If the above options have been exhausted, contact the manufacturer or service repair shop customer relations hotline via telephone, mail or e-mail. Send all letters certified in order to retain a receipt for your personal records. A number of automakers have social media pages set-up on Twitter and Facebook to handle consumer complaints too. However, we recommend that you start at the dealership level first before going the Social Media route.
e) If the concern is with a new-car dealer, ask to meet with a factory representative.

4) Contact your state’s Office of Consumer Affairs.

These same steps can also be used if there is a problem with the sales department, after purchasing a new or pre-owned vehicle from a new-car dealership.


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Anonymous said...

What if you have done all the steps except #4, and they are denying a ‘buy-back’ based on you signing an agreement when they compensated you a few years ago for the same issue (that you didn’t expect to occur again in the future)?

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