Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Automakers Offer Special New and Used Car Incentives for Grads

Whether you've completed trade school, finished a nursing program, completed an apprenticeship certification training program or earned a bachelor and/or graduate degree, most automakers want to reward you for going the extra mile. Many are offering special interest rates, relaxed credit stipulations, deferred payments, extra cash rebates, special non-negotiable pricing and complimentary roadside assistance on the purchase or the lease of a new or pre-owned vehicle. In fact, the cash rebates can be used on top of other incentives, and some automakers may even overlook charge-offs less than $1,000.

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Acura, Honda: offers $500; special financing; deferred payment
Audi: no security deposit required on leases; no co-signer; special financing for new and pre-owned.
BMW: offers $1,000 for new and certified pre-owned when financed with BMW;  special financing
Stellantis: Currently no incentives are being offered for Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep and Fiat.
Ford: $500 or more incentive toward a new or leased vehicle; students enrolled in a post-secondary accredited program can also participate in program.
Genesis: $400 incentive for a new or lease vehicle if financed with Genesis Motors Financing.
General Motors: Only select Cheverolet models are eligible for a $500 incentive. 
Hyundai: $400 incentive for a new or lease vehicle if financed with Hyundai Motors Financing.
Infiniti: No program at this time.
Jaguar: No program at this time.
Kia: No program at this time.
Land Rover/Range Rover: No program at this time.
Lexus: $1,000 rebate, if financed on select models; no money down; 90-day deferred payments; limited program.
Lincoln: No program at this time.
Mazda: No program at this time.
Mercedes-Benz: No program at this time.
Nissan: $500 incentive, if financed with Nissan's credit company.
Toyota: $500 rebate, if financed or leased with TFS (Toyota Financial Services) on select models. 
Subaru: The brand offers a program for grads seeking a new vehicle. However, rebates and incentives aren't offer. One must speak with the local dealer.
Volkswagen: No program at this time.
Volvo: No program at this time.

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