Friday, November 17, 2023

Automotive News Discusses The UAW Historic Contract Negotiations On 'Auto Trends'

Michael Martinez is an automotive news reporter.  (Photo Credit: LinkedIn)

This year could be dubbed as the year of the workers. Everyone from the railroad laborers to Kaiser Permanente healthcare employees to UPS workforce have stood up to their employers, demanding that they be fairly compensated, after years of sacrificing, as the companies they have worked for racked up record profits.

The automotive industry also joined the fight this fall. Since 2009, assemblers have made major sacrifices, saving 'The Detroit Three,' General Motors, Ford and Chrysler during the Great Recession. Automotive News reporter Michael Martinez talks to Auto Trends with about the United Auto Workers (UAW) historic contract negotiations. Martinez, who is based in Detroit, has been covering the UAW extensively for the past 10 years. In an eye-opening conversation, we'll examine the pros, cons and more of the historic UAW Stand Up Strike. 

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The conversation airs Saturday, November 18 thru Thursday, November 23. To hear the program on SiriusXM and other radio outlets, click here 

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