Thursday, November 29, 2018

An Ex NBA Player Talks About The World's Premier Black Business Magazine His Father Birthed And More On SiriusXM's 'Auto Trends'

In a wide ranging conversation, Earl G. Graves Jr., an ex NBA player, who received his formal training from two Ivy league educational institutions, takes us on a historic journey of the evolution of the world’s premier Black business magazine, which was founded by his father, Earl G. Graves Sr., on SiriusXM’s "Auto Trends with"

Graves, who now serves as both the CEO and president of Black Enterprise, opens up the conversation giving us an intimate peek into the one topic that dominated the family dinner table discussions with his dad. .

'Auto Trends' host Jeff Fortson and Earl G. Graves, Sr. the founder and Chairman of Black Enterprise Magazine.

Then he takes us on a walk through history, sharing the connection his dad had to presidential contender Robert F. Kennedy, during the height of the civil rights movement, and how it eventually led to the birth of a resource many small Black business owners, mid level managers and CEOs have come to depend on.

The founder’s son wraps up the engaging conversation speaking candidly about the state of the magazine industry, as well as the role the auto industry has played in terms of both advertising and appointing Blacks to sit on corporate boards.

Throughout the decades, the countless insightful stories focusing on success and missteps, as documented by Black Enterprise, have been used as a tool for both Black business owners and corporate types alike, whether it was seeking out tips to climb the corporate ladder or expanding one’s net worth. More importantly, senior level executives have been known to use the magazines’ annual issue of the top black businesses, when seeking out minority vendors to issue lucrative contracts.

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