Thursday, May 10, 2018

Auto Diversity Guru Talks Car Sales Based On Race, Sexual Orientation And Gender On ‘Auto Trends’

Marc Bland, who is the vice president of diversity and inclusion of the Michigan-based data mining organization IHS Markit, is one of the leading authorities in the auto industry whose focus is on targeting diverse groups.

As the country is grappling with and being forced to accept the fact that today’s ethnic population will soon be the majority population, Bland reveals sales data showing the power of multicultural car buyers. In 2008, the U.S. Census Bureau predicted by 2042, all Americans will be minorities. 

Based on this premise, the diversity expert is working with many of today’s automakers and dealers, sharing hard data on how race, gender and sexual orientation are ‘driving’ today’s  automotive sales. Businesses that expects to grow can no longer reach all consumers through one message, according to Bland's data.

Through actual vehicle registration information combined with other metrics, Bland dispels all the myths that have been substantiated for decades related to the purchasing power of multicultural consumers. In an insightful and informative discussion, the automotive diversity guru reveals several of the top selling brands based on ethnicity and gender and how some automakers are changing the way they interact with these affinity groups.

The show also tackles how two high profile automotive commercials that had multicultural ties in this years’ Super Bowl had different reactions from one community. Ironically, one of the ads was created by a general market agency, while the other was developed by a minority owned agency.

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