Monday, October 16, 2017

2018 Lincoln Navigator Designer Earl Lucas Talks One-On-One with SiriusXM's 'Auto Trends'

Chief Lincoln Exterior Designer Earl Lucas 
Jeff is with car designer Earl Lucas.

Earl Lucas, who is the highest ranking Black designer at Ford Motor Company, shares how he went from designing airplane interiors for one of the richest men in the world to creating breakout car designs.

Lucas, unlike most car designers, has found himself driving in a lane, no pun intended, which only a few in this niche field have. This gifted designer has had the honor and privilege of infusing life into two of the automaker’s iconic flagship vehicles, the athletically-infused 2010 Ford Taurus and the upcoming bold, but elegantly styled 2018 Lincoln Navigator.

Flagship vehicles are usually seen by many in the industry as being the most prestigious vehicles in an automakers’ lineup. At the time, the Taurus was Ford’s marquee vehicle, whereas the Navigator will assume that role with Lincoln, as a result of the recent trend of American car buyers shifting toward purchasing SUVs, crossovers and trucks.

In a one-on-one insightful conversation, not only does Lucas talk intimately about the vehicles he’s designed, but he also gives us a glimpse into his home life, too. In fact, the designer opens up about one of those defining moments in his marriage that changed the trajectory of his household and career. He also reveals the one individual he would like to have as his co-passenger, while traveling on a road trip to the famed Detroit-based Henry Ford Museum of American Innovation.

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