Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Airs On Auto Trends: Godwin Gabriel, The CEO Of Moovn, Talks Family, The Mandela Connection & His Global Ride-Sharing Service

Godwin Gabriel, the CEO of Moovn, has the only black-owned international transportation sharing business that is in the same company as Uber and Lyft. Gabriel joins “Auto Trends with” for a casual, but engaging conversation this weekend where he talks about the role his self-taught father, who learned how to write by forming letters in the dirt, played in the freeing of Nelson Mandela to how growing up in Africa shaped his formative years to the popular music video program of the nineties that indirectly led him to the states to pursue his education and the almighty American dream, at the age of 17.

Furthermore, Gabriel talks about how spending years working in the hospitality industry and a brief stint at Microsoft led him to revisit a transportation business he started years earlier. However, this time around, the serial entrepreneur conveys during the course of the conversation how he would relaunch his idea in 2015, with a fusion of technologically, forming Moovn. Also the socially-conscious Godwin reveals how Moovn differs from both of his major global competitors in terms of customer service and employee compensation.

Tune into the one-on-one conversation with the effervescent Godwin Gabriel, as he take us on a personal journey on how he became an entrepreneur and how he’s literally using Moovn to drive a stake in underserved communities around the globe.

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