Wednesday, March 16, 2016

A Trailblazing Female Auto Dealer Joins "Auto Trends with" This Saturday

Ellenae Fairhurst, a pioneering new-car dealer, visits “Auto Trends with” this Saturday in honor of Women’s History Month.

While women influence over 85 percent of today’s car sales, conversely, they only own 975 out of close to 20,000 of the new-car dealerships in America.  Ethnic minority women account for a smaller piece of the new-dealership pie, owning only 56 of today’s new-car dealerships.
Even more astonishing, 6 black women own 15 of today’s new-car dealerships, according to the National Association of Minority Auto Dealers latest census report.  

Ironically, black women account for 51 percent of their household new-vehicle registrations, slightly outpacing black men. More importantly, black women outpace other ethnic and non ethnic women households, outpacing them by a an astounding 11 percentage points, as it relates to new-vehicle registrations, according to IHS Automotive.

Despite the odds and the latest numbers showing black women dominating new-vehicle purchases, Fairhurst is like a needle in a haystack. She has quietly squeezed through every closed door encountered, becoming the first and only ethnic minority female to own a Lexus franchise. She was also the first black dealer to own an Infiniti franchise, too.  

In a rare interview, Fairhurst shares how Tv steered her in corporate America to how marriage sidelined her initial corporate career path to how she to how she acquired the funds to become a dealer to how she became the first black woman to acquire two premium hard-to-get luxury new-car franchises.

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Saturday, March 19 and 26 

“Auto Trends with”

Phoenix’s 1280-AM

3: 15 p.m. EST/12:15 p.m. PCT

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