Tuesday, March 10, 2015

#Selma50: The Editor's Road Trip To Alabama (Malden Brothers Barbershop In Montgomery)

As a young college student, Mr. Malden, who still cuts today, served as the personal barber for Dr. King during his stay in Montgomery. The cost of a haircut was about $2.50, at that time. I was told King didn't tip. At one point, during King's many visits, Malden finally mustered up the nerve, asking King why he didn't tip. Being a good Baptist minister, King responded to Malden asking if he tithe on Sundays. Malden's response was that he couldn't afford to since he was a college student. King's finally replied stating he couldn't afford to tip since he was a minister. As you can see the shop still looks like its from the Civil Rights Era. There are photos of a number of famous folks on the wall who have all been in the Malden's shop at some point, including Whoopi when she filmed 'The Long Walk Home'.

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