Thursday, January 29, 2015

Twelve Common Sense Car-Buying Tips When Buying Or Selling A Vehicle Without Using A Dealer

For those seeking to circumvent the dealer route and opt for the do-it-yourself route, as it relates to buying or selling a vehicle, here are some extra precautions we recommend. Many individuals choose this route in order to maximize their savings and/or income potential. However, taking this route requires extra precaution, too.

With Craigslist and other means being used today to purchase or sell a vehicle, here are a few common sense tips we recommend:

  1. Never transact business at your home. This increases the chance of theft occurring at your personal residence.
  2. Never do business at night. This increases the chance of unscrupulous tactics.
  3. Meet at a public location to transact business. If the buyer or seller really wants to conduct business, there will be no exceptions, unless the vehicle is inoperable. 
  4. Always ask for the 17-digit vehicle identification number and photos so that you can personally access a vehicle history report in advance. Reports are available on our site. View our toolbox. Reviewing the reports in advance could also send up red flags, too!
  5. Access a new government website to determine if the vehicle was stolen or labeled as a flood damage vehicle.
  6. Meet the buyer/seller at a qualified local automotive repair shop or at a new-vehicle dealership in order to have the vehicle inspected. This minimizes the chances of buying a lemon, too!
  7. Draw up a contract. One can usually be found at such stores at an office supply store.
  8. Finalize the deal inside of a reputable bank and/or financial institution. This minimizes the chances of fake money being exchanged, too.
  9. Never conduct business by yourself. Someone should always accompany you.
  10. Let others know your whereabouts too, when you choose the do-it-yourself route. 
  11. Is there a clear and free title available? Did you check to see if the vehicle was paid off? If its not, how long will it take for you to access a clear and free title?
  12. While one could maximize their savings (or earnings), most consumers opt to utilize a reputable franchise dealership to avoid having to be concerned about the aforementioned issues.

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