Thursday, October 13, 2011

Two New Rides to Join Chevy's Line Up

The redesigned Chevrolet Colorado range featuring single, extended and crew-cab body styles is the product of a five-year, US $2 billion vehicle program developed across five continents for customers in more than 60 markets around the world. GM has not confirmed when the vehicle will arrive in the states. However, we expect that we should this model within the next eight months, if not sooner. By the way, Ford currently has no plans to get back in the midsize truck market, after putting the Ranger to rest in America. Ironically, a newer version of the Ranger will be available outside of the United States. We wouldn't be surprise if the Ranger returns to Ford's American portfolio, if the Colorado sales fly off the handle.

While we don't know the exact time period the Colorado will land here, we do know that this muscular drop top will join Chevy's line up next fall. It should out run the current-generation Mustang GT500. We wouldn't be surprise if Ford adds some more ponies to their muscle car to go toe-to-toe with Chevy's Camaro.

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