Tuesday, October 11, 2011

African Americans, Seat Belts And Losing Another Rising Star

It should be no surprise that African Americans are less likely to use their seat belts -- when compared to other groups. How many times have you ridden with someone who just refuses to use their seat belt. I no that this may be a poor analogy for some, but I liken this to not using protection. It may not feel good but its bound to ( or in most cases) prevent an accident from occurring. The 2008 National Occupant Protection Use Survey shows seat belt use continues to be lower for African American occupants than for other groups, although there has been a slight uptick. In 2008, seat belt use among African Americans was at 75 percent, increasing by 4 percent to 79 percent in 2009. However, for the entire country the belt rate use was 84 percent in 2009, climbing by 1 point in 2010 to 85 percent.

These statistics unfortunately continue to prove true for African Americans. In another sad story, a promising young scholar and athlete along with members of his family loss... to continue reading the post click here.......... 

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