Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Seven Years And Still Rolling Along

The month of August is truly special to me. Its was during this month seven years ago when I launched this website. With the help and support of family, friends and lots of prayers, I have been able to turn this website into a true automotive portal, offering everything from a new-car pricing configurator to competitive online financing to car-buying advice to new-vehicle reviews, covering mostly every major vehicle with the exception of one -- that being Porsche. And my hope is to add the high-end sports car line to my reviews over the next year. 

I can remember seven years ago when I launched the site I didn't provide any of the content I just noted. Honestly, I can't recall what I provided and how you allowed me to call what I created a car-buying website. Well today I truly feel comfortable in calling a one-stop automotive car-buying guide for minorities, more specifically for African Americans. Still today it amazes me that you stuck by my side even when you could have turned to other sites that offered everything (or almost everything) to help in your car search.

Well, as I roll into the next 12 months I am embarking upon my next big project as it relates to this automotive site. For now, all I can say is that it will involve loads of videos. I was hoping to have it up for my seventh anniversary, but I recently came to the realization it wasn't going to happen.

Just like over the past seven years, I am going to continue counting on your support (feedback and participation) as I slowly roll this project out. In a sense, it will be the same bumpy road  a number of the cutting edge automakers are faced with as they attempt to get the American public buy-in to moving away from gasoline to using electricity to charge the next-generation of vehicles .... even without the infrastructure being in place.

So again, thank you for riding with me, allowing my baby,, to offer a nearly comprehensive online car-buying guide over the past seven years.

Jeff Fortson 

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