Monday, December 17, 2018

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The Lt. Gov. of Virginia and Dr. Gladys West

In this day and time, where self-promotion is the name of the game, social media outlets and reality TV shows provide the perfect platform for those, with and without talent, yearning to be discovered.

However, every blue moon those not obsessed in living in this selfie generation manages to surface above the noise, even when they are not seeking attention. After years of quietly enjoying retirement, the world is just now discovering another ‘Hidden Figure.’

Since the late 50s, this ‘Black girl’ has been coding, well before the phrase was coined. Dr. Gladys West was one of the firsts Black women to be hired at the Dahlgreen Naval Support Facility in Virginia. This mathematician played a key role in developing the GPS (Global Positioning Sensor). In fact, she was responsible for checking the accuracy of the system.
Unbeknownst to her, this brilliant lady did not realize while working on science that measures the size and shape of the earth and the measurement of satellite data, the impact it would have beyond the military base her family both worked and resided.

In her own voice, the wife, the mother, the grandmother and the living history maker shares how at a young age, while growing up in rural Virginia, it did not take long to envision a career beyond being a farm hand to the medical condition which pushed her to complete her PhD to the first time she was in a vehicle with a built-in navigation system. Ironically, in an interesting twist, the humble and kind spirit reveals how she prepares for unfamiliar road trips. You’ll be amazed at her ritual. It will bring a smile to your face, upon hearing the story.

Because of Dr. West’s contribution to the satellite system and her recent fame, she was finally inducted into Space and Missiles Pioneers Hall of Fame and recognized by her home state of Virginia this year.

Thanks to the mathematician, the world reaps the benefits of never being lost again, as a result of the GPS being embedded in our smartphones and our different modes of transportation.

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