Thursday, August 3, 2017

Pioneering Car Designer Ed Welburn Inducted Into Prestigious Automotive Hall Of Fame

Recently, Edward Welburn was inducted into the Automotive Hall Of Fame. Being inducted into this prestigious club is like receiving a medal of honor from the President of the United States. Its truly the pinnacle of one's career. Welburn, who spent his 44-year career at GM, had to take a non traditional patch to becoming a car designer. Welburn, who was rejected by every design school in the 60s, according to an interview he conducted with Ebony Magazine, landed at Howard University, a Historically Black College and University.

At the time, Howard University  created an automotive design curriculum for this future automotive pioneer, so that he could pursue his dream. Welburn is only the second black person to be inducted into the Automotive Hall Of Fame, the first being Edward Davis. Davis broke the glass ceiling, becoming the first black person to land a new car dealership in 1940. Prior to that time, Davis had to broker any new car deals through his white colleagues, simply because of his ethnicity. 

With that said, to hear a two-part inspiring interview with the legendary Edward Welburn that aired on 'Auto Trends with,' click here