Friday, July 14, 2017

2018 Honda Accord Preview

What's New: The new design aligns more with the Chevy Malibu, which offers a swoopy hatchback-like rear design. 

What's Gone: Honda is dropping its 6-cylinder engine and the Coupe.

Segment: Midsize car

Highlighted Features: Honda Sensing, which includes everything from a lane departure warning system to a radar-activated cruise control system is standard on all models. And in-car Wi-Fi is available on some trims.

Technology: Honda will reintroduce knobs on their audio systems just as Ford did with their Sync infotainment systems a few years ago

Powertrains: 1.5-liter/192-hp; 2.0-liter/253-hp (gasoline and an a hybrids available)

Available: This fall.

Estimated Price Range: Despite more safety features, pricing should be inline with current Accord, which has a base price of around $23,000.

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