Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Airing This Saturday: Global Car Designer Brian Peterson Talks Faith, Cars And How He Personally Validates The Homeless

Brian Peterson is at his desk, working on a design project.

While most millennials are still discovering their purpose for being, Brian Peterson, the 29-year old rising star and global designer for Kia, seems to be hitting his stride. Peterson, a Miami native, who has a heart of gold, goes one-on-one with “Auto Trends with” this Saturday.

Peterson, as you’ll find, from tuning into our riveting conversation, thrives on challenges. This is what propelled him into a career where only a few are chosen. In fact, Peterson will tell you in a very unassuming manner that one has a better chance of being drafted into the NBA, as opposed to becoming a car designer. And, unlike the NBA, there are only a small number of Blacks, whose creative talents allow them to squeeze into the highly competitive field of automotive design.

Interior of the 2017 Kia Niro interior designed by Brian Peterson
Peterson, who was forced to deepen his faith, as a result of a trio of back-to-back personal trials a few years ago, also shares with us the moment that pulled him through the storm. Today, as a result of his new outlook on life and what seems to be his boundless sense of energy, Peterson has just wrapped-up leading his first major project, designing the interior of the all-new 2017 Kia Niro. The Niro, the Korean automaker's first all-dedicated hybrid, has this young Black man's handprint all over the interior.  This stylish compact arrives in dealerships early next year. 

Peterson with one of his oil paintings.

Brian Peterson and his face-to-face homeless initiative, using his God given gift with one of the homeless he's befriended.

But, besides his first big car project, what really is so endearing about Peterson is his humanitarian movement to uplift and validate the homeless population in his community. Tune in this Saturday to find out how the designer is simply making a difference using one of his God given talents.

The show is also re-airing on Saturday, October 22. To stay connected with Peterson and his homeless project, follow him on Instagram @facesofsantaana.