Saturday, May 14, 2016

Slow Selling Models: What's Hot, What's Not (Part One of Two)

Honda Insight,  a discontinued hybrid from 2014. It was once branded as the most economical vehicle in the hybrid segment in terms of pricing. Average Days On Lot: 232 or 8 months
MSRP: $19,500

Cadillac ELR, a plug-in hybrid that is being discontinued. Again, like all of the Cadillacs on the list, the vehicle suffers from being over priced. Average Days On Lot: 209 or 7 months
MSRP: $65,000 

Cadillac ATS goes up against the BMW 2 and 3 Series vehicles. Its a competitively engineered entry lux coupe or sedan, but just hasn't caught on with the buying public. Average Days On Lot: 153  or 5 months
MSRP: $37,995

Honda  Crosstour was discontinued in 2015 and replaced by the smaller HR-V crossover.  This quirky vehicle was a slow seller for Hyundai. Average Days On Lot: 145  or 4.8 months

Chevy Sonic sales have slipped due to the relatively low gas prices and consumers ability to get a larger car that's just as fuel efficient. Average Days On Lot: 142 or 4.7 months
MSRP: $ 14,345

Cadillac CTS stylish midsize vehicle is suffering from slow sales. It competes against the E-Class Mercedes. Cadillac is suffering from over-pricing the vehicle. Average Days On Lot: 141 or 4.7 months
MSRP: $ 45,560

Infiniti Q60 (formerly G37).is being replaced with a new more stylish coupe, a convertible is probably on the drawing board, too.
Average Days On Lot: 141  or 4.7 months
MSRP: 40,950

Fiat 500/500L, the quirky Italian brand, has struggled as a brand, since returning to the American market
Average Days On Lot: 138  or 4.5 months
MSRP: $16,995

Mitsubishi Mirage has suffered from the relatively low gas prices, as the entire subcompact market. Consumer have shifted toward larger vehicles and crossovers.
Average Days On Lot: 137 or 4.5 months
MSRP: $12,995

Hyundai Azera has never caught the eye of the buying public. And Hyundai hasn't thrown ad money behind it. The vehicle is slotted between the Sonata and Genesis sedan. Average Days On Lot: 135
 or 4 months
MSRP: $34,100
Nissan GT-R is pricey and up against the iconic Corvette. Pricing pressure could lead to sweet deals.
Average Days On Lot: 133.6  or 4 months. T
MSRP: $101,700

Hyundai Equus is being phased out as the flagship and being replaced by the all-new Genesis G90 later this summer.
Average Days On Lot: 133  or 4 months
MSRP: $61,500

The Buick LaCrosse will ride on a larger platform when the 2017 model arrives this summer.
Average Days On Lot: 132 or 4 months
MSRP: $31,605
Consumers in the market for a new vehicle, but are willing to forego the latest styling or technical advancements should look at these models. Ironically, the the Cadillacs are on the list for being too pricey, when compared to their Japanese and German counterparts. Consumers would be interested at a lower price point, although the quality of today's Cadillac is on par with their competitor. However, because of years of producing non competitive vehicles, it will be a moment before consumers will be willing to pay sticker for the luxury brand's cars (this does not seem to be the case with the SUV and crossover). Consumers should not be paying MSRP for these models. In fact, consumers should receive a substantial discount on these models.

Source for Days On Lot: WSJ