Thursday, March 31, 2016

The Insurance Institute For Highway Safety Joins "Auto Trends with" Saturday To Talk Headlights, Crash Tests And More..

Earlier this week, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, which is a non profit agency funded by the insurance agencies, unveiled their first test that analyzes the effectiveness of today's car headlights. The results were startling. 

Join us on "Auto Trends with" in April, as we talk about their role in making the automakers design and engineer safer vehicles. During our one-on-one conversation with the IIHS we'll talk about their first groundbreaking headlight study, the latest pact by the automakers to minimize the number of forward collision crashes, how they determine what vehicles to test, how they are funded, how they determine what vehicles to test and what they're recommending to the trucking industry to improve the safety of semi trucks with trailers for cars.

Tune in Saturday April 2 & 9.

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3:15 p.m. EST/12:15 p.m. PCT

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