Monday, June 22, 2015

11 Reasons Why Car Buyers Should Consider Shifting Towards Electric Vehicles

  1. No oil changes and no oil leaks in the driveway, since there is no motor in the vehicle.
  2. One's hands no longer smells like fuel, after pumping, since there is no gas tank.
  3. No state emissions test are every required.
  4. Always has access to state HOV lanes, even if there is only occupant in the vehicle, minimizing the amount of time being stuck in traffic.
  5. VIP Parking. Charging Stations are usually located near the front of the building like in the case of designated handicapped parking areas.
  6. Helps the environment, since there isn't a tailpipe.
  7. Great means for parents to keep a short leash on their teen driver, due to the limited driving range of most electric vehicles.
  8. Requires planning and the elimination of wasted trips and joy riding, which in turn cuts down on the number of unnecessary vehicles on the roads.
  9. The price of electric vehicles have toppled on the used car market due to gas prices being in the reach of most consumers. for instance, a 2014 with 19,000 miles now retails for about $13,000. And no tax credits are needed. If you're buying new, the federal government offers tax credits up to $7,500. Some states offer credits too.
  10. The cost of charging is significantly less than the cost of fuel, especially if one recharges at non peak hours.
  11. What's the chance of the vehicle being stole? Because of the limited driving range, the vehicle could easily be located.

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