Friday, April 3, 2015

Editor's Note: A Memorable Moment With One Of The Highest Ranking Global Car Designers

I have been waiting for this photo for 2 years (and it finally surfaced in an email that was sent to me). This is Ed Welburn, the first black car designer to work for GM. Welburn, who is a Howard University graduate, oversees all of the designs for GM. If you like GM's designs, give kudos to Welburn. Welburn also mentored Andre Hudson, the designer over at Hyundai.
This was my first public post-cancer outing in January 2013. I didn't realize I was going to be able to snatch an unplanned one-on-one interview with Welburn, who was being honored at the Trumpet Awards. Yes, for a car nut like me, who grew up collecting miniature cars, it was a dream just to spend some time, talking (and being inspired) by to a pioneer. Sports and movie fanatics would understand!

Ironically, during this same month, I had to cancel going to the Detroit International Auto Show, where I had been invited to attend a special off-site unveiling of the current Vette, and also had to back out of a trip I had planned to attend President Obama's inauguration, witnessing history 'live and in color' on the lawn with thousands. 
Welburn became the first black person to head global designs for a car maker several years ago. And just this week Ralph Gilles, who is known for reviving the Chrysler 300, became the global design chief for FCA (Fiat Chrysler Automobiles), becoming the second black person to hold such a position.

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