Thursday, February 5, 2015

Internet Hacking Affecting 2.2 Million BMW, Mini And Rolls-Royce Models Worldwide

So, if you thought internet hacking only affected businesses and possibly your personal computer, think again. With cars being so interconnected these days with technology, they are prone to be hacked, too.  
BMW, Mini and Rolls-Royce are the first automakers to experience such, according the Detroit News. In this case, it affect 2.2 million of their 2010 to 2014 vehicles that were built with the brand's ConnectedDrive service, which allows the vehicles to be unlocked with the mere keystroke. 
According to the folks at BMW, the software flaw wouldn't have made it possible to drive off in the car. Wireless enable features such as remote access or pre heating interiors requires new layers of security system to safeguard customers and their vehicles.

New software updates will resolve this issue automatically according to folks from BMW, when the vehicle connects to BMW's server.
For additional questions, contact your local BMW dealer or their customer relations hotline.

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