Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Editor's Hot-Deal Pick: Saab's Fire Sale

Periodically, since the focal point of our site is to help you as a consumer navigate the maze of car-buying, we're going to highlight vehicles that you should be able to literally steal from the dealer. And when we say steal, we're referring to buying the vehicle below the invoice cost, the amount the dealer pays the manufacturer for the car.

The redesigned 2011 Saab 9-5 is going to be our first pick, if you're in the market for a vehicle that has a little snob appeal. Since Saab left GM's nest last year, after what many industry insiders would deem as two decades of neglect, the ailing brand is still being treated by its new owner, Spyker Cars NV, as the aging foster child that no one wants.

Just in recent days its been reported that the white-collar workers employed by Saab's new-owner haven't gotten paid. While we know the road to recovery for the economy is going to be a rocky, its rare that an automaker isn't able to meet its obligations. Just think: if the white-collar workers haven't gotten paid, what about the factory workers who build the vehicles, the suppliers and the dealers are affected. (For more details about the ailing automaker, click here.)

Consumer's Savings: 

While scanning a number of online car-buying tools, we came across a redesigned 2011 Saab 9-5 (a base model with an automatic transmission), which stickers for $40,700 brand-new, being listed as low as $34,260. The invoice cost on the vehicle is $39,204. So that's nearly a $5,000 savings below what the dealer paid for the vehicle.

Also we landed on a pre-owned (used) 9-5, with 4,100 miles that the dealer was willing to let go for $31,400. At this price point, that's literally a $9,300 savings off the sticker and the vehicle is still in many ways -- a new-vehicle.

Consumer's Risk:

While this is a great deal, the risk of buying this luxury vehicle is that just in case the automaker goes belly-up, which we hope it doesn't, you may have trouble servicing the vehicle.

Other Alternatives:

Also consider other Saabs besides the 9-5. View our New-Vehicle Pricing Guide for more details on pricing and equipment.

Bottom Line:

Until the future of Saab is decided, you should be paying below invoice for these vehicles, if you're in the market for one.


We haven't been behind the wheel of any Saabs lately so you won't find any new-car reviews on this site.

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