Saturday, August 20, 2011

2013 Lexus GS 350: What's New About the Vehicle

On Thursday Lexus revealed the GS 350. Now we've got more photos and every little fact you wanted to know about the vehicle..............................................

Body rigidity has been significantly increased with more and new advanced laser welding.

The all-new front and rear suspensions are now lighter and more responsive. They’ve been designed to enhance steering feel, improve ride comfort, reduce body roll, and increase straight-line stability.

And the new design of the rear suspension also allows for a trunk that’s now 25% bigger!

And it’s powered by an even better 3.5-liter engine with both port and direct injection that puts out 306 horsepower, giving it a more powerful base engine than Mercedes and BMW.
You’ll be able to check-in on Facebook, look for reviews on Yelp, buy movie tickets with, or make restaurant reservations through Open Table.

And if your satellite radio isn’t enough, you can fulfill all your music needs with iheartradio and Pandora’s personalized stations and settings. Can’t remember the name of a shopping center? Or wondering where to get the best burger? Find it through Bing search or Destination Assist. And most of these apps can be accessed using a new conversational voice recognition system so you don’t have to remember a list of commands or take your hands off the steering wheel.

A new 835-watt Mark Levinson audio system that features GreenEdge speakers that are lighter, more energy-efficient, and have less distortion. The new system produces almost three times as many watts per channel over the previous generation.

And it will also have the luxury industry’s first energy-efficient airflow system called S-Flow that uses sensors in the seats to direct air to occupied areas. Under normal use, this could improve fuel-economy by as much as 3%.

A new segment-first eye monitoring feature paired with the available pre-collision system. With a camera mounted on the steering column, the system can tell if you’re falling asleep and help alert you with a beep…

There’s Lexus Night View, a new night vision system that uses infrared LED technology to detect shapes on dark roads…

And Lane-Keep Assist to help prevent the driver from drifting out of a lane. Our system is the first in this segment to use active steering torque to help guide you back on track.

Our last point is that a new Lexus GS Hybrid is on the way too.

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