Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Garage Preview: The Next-Generation Honda CR-V

The curvaceous  fourth-generation CR-V will be hitting dealerships in the fourth quarter. As you can tell, Honda has dropped the boxy design, adding more curves and giving the vehicle a more upscale look. This time it looks as though Honda may be emulating Kia. Over the years Kia has been targeting the Japanese-based automaker, Honda, with its designs. Its amazing how times change.
This is the current-generation Honda CR-V.

According to the folks at Honda, the all-new 2012 CR-V will improve upon the current model in a variety of ways. It will not offer a more fuel-efficient engine but expect reduced body weight too. In addition to all-new stylish exterior styling, the 2012 CR-V will have an all-new interior, accommodating a lower cargo floor. We're hoping that this new-styling gives us a peak at what we should expect out of the next-generation Honda Accord which is coming out next year.

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